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Looking forward to the catering trend in 2020
1. IP enabling is still a hot spot
Catering branding will become more obvious in 2019. Both traditional big brands and some small restaurants are beginning to add brand thinking to restaurants, making the brand image more three-dimensional and more popular.
In the process of branding, in order to quickly shape the brand image, make the brand more storytelling and easier to be remembered, IP empowerment has become an important link that can not be bypassed.
In recent years, with the help of IP, there are not a few brands that enable catering. For example, Ruixing small blue cup, which is endowed with star IP, invited popular stars Liu Haoran and Xiao Zhan after Zhang Zhen and Tang Wei, giving the brand the attributes of fashion and popularity. Some brands, such as three squirrels and Shu Daxia, have created their own animation images to make the brand more vivid. In addition to the first time, there are also cross-border tea lovers, and they often do IP co branding with other brands, which deepens the mental cognition of customers.
At present, the promotion of brand image with IP empowerment is the choice of many catering brands, and it will still become the hot choice of brand image promotion in 2020.
2. Occupy the position become the key to break through the brand
In the construction of catering brand, with the increasing competition in catering industry, it is difficult for many catering brands to establish brand image, even more difficult to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Customers want to choose a lot, but remember very little. Why do you say that?
From the current catering industry, Matthew effect is extremely obvious. In the same category of catering brands, customers will often choose a restaurant with the deepest mental impression. For example, go to Haidilao with hot pot, pizza hut with pizza, KFC with fried chicken, wangshunge with fish head bubble pie, etc. Through the analysis, it is not difficult to see that it is just because a certain category can think of related brands, and it is because the brand has completed the category occupation, thus obtaining the mental occupation.
Nowadays, category occupancy is actually a more difficult thing, because although the catering category is rich, but the number of catering brands is too much, so how to complete the breakthrough? In 2020, the category segmentation will become particularly critical.
When Haidilao occupied the hot pot, barnu succeeded in breaking through under the pressure of Haidilao. Taking Maodu as the seat occupying position, he successfully found his own position under the category segmentation, and also found a breakthrough in the customer's mind. In addition to the segmentation of products, cultural occupancy can also significantly enhance the awareness of catering brands.
All brands are characterized by local culture, and do cultural blessing for the brand, which not only makes itself popular at home, but also does not fear the invasion of foreign brands. This is the most obvious advantage of cultural position.
In the future, there will be more outlets and more competition in the catering industry. However, after occupying a place, the brand will reach a high dimension. Once it enters the heart of customers, it will become an aircraft carrier in the sea, fearing no wind and rain.
3. Night economy is a new battlefield
Starting from 2019, many restaurant people are focusing on the night economy. Night economy and night life complement each other. Not only customers and diners pay attention to the night, but also local governments frequently issue relevant policies to encourage and promote the development of night economy. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xi'an and other places have begun to focus on the construction of night market demonstration streets. The development of night economy also highlights the urban culture.

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